Reynaldo Jacob Enriquez, 26 and Geneva Monique Leal, 26 were charged with murder according to court records released Thursday morning.  Jake Austin Johnson, 27, was already charged with murder, and Leal already was already arrested for tampering with evidence.  

According to the warrant Dimitrise Lyghts, 22, was also involved, and police are asking for murder charge against him as well. Adrianne Soto Martinez, 28, was listed as a person of interest. 

They’re accused in the stabbing and shooting death of Gabriel Lee Salazar.  Salazar was found dead Sunday behind the Carriage House Inn on Slaton Road. 

A new arrest warrant said Salazar was at Leal’s residence.  The warrant specifically accused Enriquez of pulling the trigger.  The warrant also said Salazar did not die immediately, and Enriquez wanted to finish the killing to end his suffering.  But the warrant said Leal wanted him to suffer for a while.

The warrant said after Salazar was shot, Leal hit him with a baseball bat.

The warrant said Johnson and Lyghts took Salazar to the Carriage House and left him for dead. 

Lyghts made news this week when he was arrested in a SWAT standoff near 93rd and University Avenue.   He eventually came out peacefully.  Lyghts faces a federal charge of sex trafficking of a minor.

The warrant mentioned a confrontation between Salazar and other individuals at Leal’s residence prior to the shooting. But the exact nature of the confrontation was not described.