LUBBOCK, Texas — Texas and Oklahoma will leave the Big 12 and join the Southeastern Conference (SEC), “a high-level source close to the situation” told Horns247.

News of UT and OU contacting the SEC first broke on Wednesday. In that time, Texas Tech Chancellor Tedd Mitchell said he was disappointed in the intentions of OU and UT. Most observers believe the loss of these two teams would be devastating to the Big 12.

247sports reported that the two teams were prepared to stay through the “grant of rights” period which expires in 2025. reported, “According to multiple reports, Texas and OU officials plan to inform the Big 12 on Monday that they won’t renew when the league’s grant of rights expire in 2025.” published a headline Friday morning saying, “BREAKING: Texas And Oklahoma Officially Plan To Leave Big 12, SEC Top Option.” reported Friday morning, “… Conference migration looks inevitable for the Oklahoma Sooners and the Texas Longhorns.”

A spokesman with Texas Tech sports had no additional comment beyond what Chancellor Mitchell said Thursday night.