LUBBOCK, Texas — The National Ranching Heritage Center will host their 43rd annual Candlelight at the Ranch Friday and Saturday to highlight holiday traditions from the frontier era.

Candlelight at the Ranch reenacts winter holiday scenes from the 1780s to 1950s.

“It might be something as simple as, you know, a couple of cowboys just sitting around and talking while enjoying the fire. You know, maybe they have a little Christmas tree, and they’ve strung up some popcorn on it. Who knows, but it gives people little snapshots of Christmas activities through time,” Robert Tidwell, Curator of Historic Collections at the National Ranching Heritage Center said.

Candlelight is open and free to the public and a great family event.

“Candlelight at the Ranch is a living Christmas card for the citizens of Lubbock. And anyone who’d like to come and join us. And what they come and do is walk through our luminaria lit pathways and peek inside buildings to see what people in different time periods were doing during the winter and holidays,” Julie Hodges, Hellen Devitt, Jones endowed Director of Education at the National Ranching Heritage Center, said.

According to Hodges, preparations and logistics for Candlelight start in early August every year with the help of over 200 volunteers.

“We have been decorating since the week before Thanksgiving. We have a wonderful crew of staff members and then many volunteers that helped pull together other decorations not only for our main museum building but for all the structures that are featured on the trail,” Hodges said.

Hodges and Tidwell said there’s nothing more that gets you into the Christmas spirit.

“It’s a total experience. And, and it takes you from the 1700s all the way through until about the 1950s as far as the structures go, and then you can go inside the museum building, get warmed up, spend some time socializing with people, and kids get to meet Santa,” Tidwell said.