Cover your face in style… with this $1K face shield


Photo Courtesy: Louis Vuitton

LUBBOCK, TX — Luxury retailer Louis Vuitton is launching a US $961 plastic face shield for those who like to do their grocery shopping in designer duds. The pricey piece of personal protective equipment will be on sale starting October 30 as part of the French brand’s 2021 Cruise Collection.

In a statement, Luis Vuitton calls the shield “an eye-catching headpiece, both stylish and protective.”

The hard-plastic covering doubles as a hat and can be flipped up, like a visor. It features LV-embossed gold studs, a monogrammed elastic head strap and trim in the brand’s signature “LV” print.

Oh, and it protects the wearer from the sun’s rays, too. The plastic shield transitions from clear to dark in bright light.

LV isn’t the first luxury fashion brand to dabble in COVID wear — Burberry, Balenciaga and Dolce & Gabbana recently announced they were rolling out their own face masks as well, but theirs are more subtle than Louis’ shield. According to reports, they’re supposed to be going for about $100-$140.

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