Rhode Island man says porch pirate sat down, opened packages


PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – A Rhode Island family is hoping someone can help them identify the person who not only stole several packages off their front porch, but also took the time to sit down and open them.

Antonio Dias said he has lived in his Providence home for 50 years and has never had his packages stolen before.

He said he was home at the time and didn’t realize anything was amiss until he noticed the boxes were opened.

That’s when he looked at his home security footage and realized what had happened.

“I saw the guy walk in, open the gates, sit down,” Dias said. “I like the way he does it, all nice.”

The thief took the items that were inside the boxes with him, Dias said, but it’s not the items he’s most worried about.

Dias said his family is concerned at how comfortable the man was with sitting down and opening the packages.

“He could have knocked on the door and asked for a beer,” Dias said.

Dias said his family was curious to see if the man would return to rifle through future packages, so they left a decoy box out.

Nearly three weeks later, a man who appears to be the same suspected porch thief came back.

Dias is hoping that none of his neighbors will become the man’s next target.

“Watch out for your packages or have them delivered somewhere else,” Dias said.

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