TN lawmaker proposes bill requiring students to play sports based on biological sex at birth


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WJW) — A lawmaker in Tennessee is proposing legislation that would require student athletes to compete in sports based on their biological sex at birth.

According to the Tennessee Star, the bill introduced by State Rep. Bruce Griffey (R) is designed for students in elementary and secondary school.

“We are seeing more and more transgender athletes competing and posting victories in traditionally gendered sports competitions, and doing so to the detriment of girls and women biologically born female. Boys and men, due to testosterone levels, bigger bone structure, greater lung capacity, and larger heart size, have physical advantages in sports relative to girls and women,” Rep. Griffey told the The Tennessee Star.

Any school that violates the requirement would automatically lose public funding.

The news outlet reports that state or local officials who choose to ignore the rules could also be subjected to a $10,000 penalty.

Similar proposals have emerged in other states.

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