VIDEO: Woman wrecks car in Popeyes drive-thru to get chicken sandwich


LOS ANGELES (KRON) – The Popeyes chicken sandwich frenzy continues.

This time in Los Angeles, a woman was caught on camera trying to get into a drive-thru line at a Popeyes, sideswiping her car in the process.

In the video shared on Instagram, a woman in a gray Mercedes is seen trying to get into the drive-thru lane by jamming her car in front of a Toyota right up at the order window.

Eater reports the woman in the Mercedes wasn’t cutting in line but rather merging from one of two drive-thru lanes.


A close-up shot shows the woman inching her car forward as it scrapes along a safety pole, scratching the car’s paint and ripping off part of the door panel.

At this time, a man who was apparently in the backseat of the Mercedes gets out and starts banging on the window of the Toyota, telling that car to back up.

A Popeyes employee can be seen trying to diffuse the situation.

It’s unclear if the woman was able to get a chicken sandwich.

At one point the person behind the camera asks a girl if the highly-sought sandwich is “that worth it” and she smiles and nods and says “yes” as she takes a bite out of her sandwich.

Popeyes has made waves after announcing the return of its coveted chicken sandwich.

A man was stabbed to death at a Popeyes in Maryland earlier this week after trying to cut in line.

Popeyes has not commented.

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