(KRON) – New locations of one fast food giant will look a little different next fall. Wendy’s announced this week “sleek and modern” design standard for upcoming locations, according to a press release.

These “Global Next Gen” restaurants, as Wendy’s is calling them, will utilize “modernized technology” to help facilitate an increase in digital orders, the company said. The planned improvements will also allow delivery drivers to pick up mobile orders at a dedicated delivery-only walk-up window, separate from the regular drive-thru.

Inside, the restaurants will feature a dedicated space for mobile customers to pick up their orders. The galley-style kitchens will also extend from the front to the back of the restaurants, to improve “efficiency and oversight for crew,” Wendy’s said.

In total, Wendy’s announced five main updates, as well as the improvements each aims to achieve:

  • Delivery Pick-Up Window: Instead of delivery-service drivers needing to enter the restaurant, they can choose to visit the dedicated delivery pick-up window. There are also dedicated delivery parking spots.
  • Dedicated Mobile Order Pickup: The new restaurants will have parking specifically for mobile orders and a pick-up section inside.
  • Reimagined Kitchen: The company said the new galley-style kitchen will support faster order fulfillment.
  • Next-Generation Technology: Wendy’s said the new technology can help crews handle “significantly more” digital business than before.
  • Optimized Infrastructure: New locations will look to use more efficient building elements that look to decrease energy usage and costs.

Wendy’s will open the first of its new restaurants in New Albany, Ohio, in spring 2023.