INDIANAPOLIS — The search continues for an Indianapolis man and three children who were last seen nearly one week ago.

Kyle Moorman and his three children, Kyle, Kyannah, and Kyran, were last seen on Wednesday, July 6 on S. Sherman Drive in a 2009 black 4 door Saab.

Here’s what we know about the missing.

Kyle Moorman, 27

Photo provided by IMPD

Kyle Moorman, 27, is described as being 5’10″and 125 pounds. He has brown hair and hazel eyes.

Kyle Moorman II, 5

Photo provided by IMPD

The eldest child, 5-year-old Kyle Moorman II, is 3’7” and 40 pounds with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Kyannah Holland, 2

Photo provided by IMPD

2-year-old Kyannah Holland is described as being 2’0″ and 15 pounds. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. She was last seen wearing a striped pink and blue romper.

Kyran Holland, 1

Photo provided by IMPD

According to IMPD, Kyran Holland is 2’6”, 25 pounds with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was last seen wearing a diaper and a striped shirt.

What family is saying

According to their loved ones, Kyle Moorman took his kids fishing on Wednesday. Family has been searching along the White River in downtown Indianapolis, an area they say is one of Moorman’s regular fishing spots.

Moorman mother’s, Natasha Hayes, says her son’s phone has been off since 1 a.m. on Thursday.

“He’s never normally gone more than a day. Maybe overnight, but he’d contact family first thing in the morning. He’s real close to his brothers,” said Hayes.

According to a flyer created by a non-profit that assists families of missing people, 5-year-old Kyle Moorman II has asthma and is not traveling with any of his medication.

Family says it’s not like the elder Kyle Moorman to not check in with them.

“We understand that he’s grown and he’s allowed to leave with his children, we know that. But this is not right. He would have been home with these babies,” said Hayes.

IMPD says if you find them, call 911 immediately.