Why books are better than ebooks for child development


SPRINGFIELD, Mo.— Convenience or connection, new research shows print books may be better for a child’s development.

Child experts say electronic devices can distance a child from the real world. They go on to say a child who is only exposed to e-books misses out on true social interaction and skills like learning how to turn the pages of a book and even how to handle a book.

Reading to your child has many great benefits from inspiring their imagination to cultivating a love for books.

And now with tablets, you can have thousands of options at your fingertips. A new study said it may not be the best to incorporate tablets into reading time with children.

“I think that’s a benefit any parent can see if they’re sitting down and reading a book with their child versus a reading game on an i-pad which will help them read but the interaction is between parent and child and I think it’s a good bonding time. You get to know them and sit with them and encourage them and give them a high-five when they do a good job which is something I don’t think happens on an i-pad program.”

Mckenzie Smith, a pediatrician at Mercy Health said, “I absolutely think that working with a print book is so much better for kids. They’re sitting with their parent, there’s a social interaction there. There’s a fine motor development that happens from kids just turning the pages in the book.”

Dr. Smith recommends no screen time during meal times for both parents and children and no screen time within an hour before bed.

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