Would you date an unsafe driver? These people say it’s a deal breaker


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LUBBOCK, Texas — More than half of American drivers (56%) would not date someone they thought was an unsafe driver, according to new research.  Moreover, nearly a fifth of Americans (18%) say they’ve ended things with a partner due to their driving habits.

The survey of 2,000 drivers found that 78% percent of Americans agree that the way a person drives says a lot about their personality.  And three out of four say that the way a person takes care of their car also says a lot about what the driver is really like.

Respondents also viewed drivers who take care of their cars as responsible (52%) and more reliable (43%).  On the other hand of the driving habit spectrum, three out of four respondents characterized drivers who don’t wear seatbelts as “reckless.”

Forty-two percent say that drivers who tend to speed are dangerous, and 24% say they are impulsive.

When it comes to their own driving preferences, 41% say that they prefer driving fast, even if it means breaking the speed limit.

And one in three respondents say they feel the speed limit is “just a suggestion.”

Sixty-one percent of respondents, however, said that if a driver was excessively speeding, it would cause them to never get in the car with them again.

More than a third (36%) have refused to be driven by a friend due to their poor driving habits.

71% agreed that they would refuse to be driven by a friend or family member who displayed poor auto care habits (such as having their check engine light on for an extended period of time without having the car checked).

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