LUBBOCK, Texas — Homero Carrilo, 22, was killed after an officer-involved shooting in the 6300 block of 33rd Street on Tuesday afternoon, according to the Lubbock Police Department.

Neighbors in that area said this was out of the blue. Margie Mendoza lives on the street the suspect ran down, and she said she was home at the time but didn’t hear anything but did see the suspects in the stolen car before one of them ran.

“I came out earlier to check my mail, and I see a vehicle parked there,” Mendoza said. “I knew it was suspicious because nobody ever parks here and usually when they do park there, they’re up to no good because it’s a stakeout area.”

Mendoza heard from neighbors later that afternoon that her gut feeling was right.

“I went back inside and then the neighbor texted me and asked me if I heard shooting,” Mendoza said.

Lubbock Interim Police Chief Greg Rushin would later in a press conference that a man was shot and killed in an officer-related shooting.

“The officer arrived on scene at 12:48 pm exited the vehicle and pursued and attempted to deploy his taser at the suspect who was fleeing,” Rushin said. “The suspect displayed a firearm, and the officer discharged his firearm, the suspect was pronounced deceased on scene at 12:57 pm.”

Mendoza said she lived in her neighborhood for 20 years, and that everyone knows everyone, which is why she felt suspicious about the people in the car.

Despite not knowing what the suspects were planning on doing in their neighborhood, Mendoza said regardless, their family deserves one thing.

“Pray for the families that are going through this ordeal,” Mendoza said. “I know that their hearts are breaking right now.”

LPD confirmed they did recover the suspect’s gun from the scene. The police officer who fired his gun is on administrative leave per department policy. LPD said the investigation is ongoing.