Neighbors Seek Help Identifying Suspects in Early Morning Burglary of a Vehicle


Michelle Kiser’s teenage sons awoke Tuesday morning to find that their truck had been burglarized in their neighborhood near 90th Street and Hyden. Her sons said the truck was locked the night before and it was locked when they came to drive to school in the morning. But when they looked inside, they found many of their possessions missing. 

Kiser reviewed her home security system, finding that two individuals wearing hoodies entering the vehicle, spent roughly three minutes taking out many items in the truck.  The security system showed the burglary happened at around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday. 

Kiser estimated that the total value of the possessions lost adds up to about $3,500.

“They somehow were able to unlock the car–it was locked at the time–go inside and steal two bats, three gloves, a sweatshirt, and undetermined amount of cash, a Surface Pro 3 tablet, and a bat bag with many things in that bat bag such as shoes, baseball spikes, a helmet, I think a belt was in there as well,” Kiser said.

The lost items were an especially hard blow considering her sons had to begin their baseball season Wednesday without most of their gear. 

Kiser recognized that her sons shouldn’t have left their belongings in their car over night, but she’s sharing her surveillance video with to help get the people who committed the crime arrested. 

“I don’t want this to happen to anyone else, it needs to stop. It’s the third or fourth time in our neighborhood,” Kiser said. She has been sharing the video of the burglary in hopes that someone will recognize the suspects. 

Kiser believes that the people who stole from her son’s truck used a decoder device to enter the car because her son said he had to unlock the car to find his valuables missing Tuesday morning.

Lt. Ray Mendoza with the Lubbock Police said that people have used decoder devices during Lubbock break-ins before and that it’s possible those devices could have been at play in this robbery. 

Lubbock Police have reviewed Kiser’s surveillance footage and are using it as they investigate the burglary.

“Get a security system” Kiser advised. “For situations like this, If I didn’t have [surveillance footage] I wouldn’t be able to know what time they came, or how many people were there.”

Lt. Ray Mendoza of the Lubbock Police said that Lubbock sees plenty of vehicle burglaries all year round, in Kiser’s neighborhood and all around the city.  He advised that citizens invest in home security systems and avoid keeping valuables in their vehicles overnight.

“When keeping all your belongings safe it’s not enough to keep your vehicle locked, you should also keep your valuables hidden,” Mendoza said. 

He added that anyone who recognizes the suspects’ faces from the video should call Crime Line at 741-1000. 

Lubbock Police say that if you want to track the crimes in your neighborhood, they recommend using Raids Online . 

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