LUBBOCK, Texas — On Thursday morning, an arrest warrant provided new details on a story broke. Charles Sanchez, 33, of Lubbock – better known as DJ Sancho – was booked into the Lubbock County Detention Center for indecency with a child.

Sanchez posted a $50,000 bond and was released on Wednesday evening.

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An arrest warrant said police and Children’s Protective Services were contacted in November 2018. An underage girl made an outcry that Sanchez touched her inappropriately.

According to the warrant, the investigation found Sanchez touched two girls inappropriately – one of them was less than 14 years old.

In one instance in the middle of the night, “Charles [Sanchez] was drunk and pressured her [the younger of the two victims] into consuming alcohol.”

Sanchez got in bed with her, the warrant said.

“[The girl] was drunk but still knew this was wrong. [The girl] told Charles [Sanchez] ‘no, stop,’” the warrant said.

She told investigators that Sanchez touched her breasts and tried repeatedly to undo her bra. The other girl told investigators that while her mother was out of town Sanchez touched her “no no” spot, the warrant said.

By the time Lubbock Police got involved, Sanchez had a defense attorney and chose not to speak to officers. reached out to Sanchez by phone and left a message. If he chooses to comment, an update will be provided.