New details revealed on what led to 1997 murder charges filed in Lubbock this week


Images of Pedro Joel Erevia and Fabian Madrid from Lubbock County Detention Center

LUBBOCK, Texas — An arrest warrant provided new information on how Pedro Joel Erevia, 47, and Fabian Madrid, 44, were charged recently for a 1997 murder in Lubbock.

Police said Steven Earl Johnson was found unresponsive in in the 2700 block of East Colgate Street in the early morning hours September 9. 1997. He was shot in the back, according to official records.

A press release on Tuesday evening announced murder charges against Erevia and Madrid.

The release said in part: “The investigation found that Johnson was in front of his residence when a vehicle approached. The driver called out to Johnson and asked him to approach the car. Johnson began to run from the vehicle after identifying one of the two occupants had a firearm. While fleeing, Johnson was shot.”

The warrant said more recently a jail inmate came forward.

The inmate said, “The whole thing started because somebody broke into Fabian’s house and stole his safe.”

“He said he didn’t know how or why they thought [Johnson] broke in the house,” a warrant said. “He advised Joe is the one that shot.”

“He understood Fabian was driving the vehicle, Joe was the front passenger and was in the back seat,” the warrant said.

They didn’t know Johnson died until the next day. The reason the inmate knew about the murder is because Erevia and Madrid talked about it right after the event.

In addition to the inmate, investigators found another witness who loaned Erevia a gun. This man who loaned Erevia the gun knew him as “Peanut Butter Joe.”

This witness said he was reluctant to loan out the gun.

After the murder, “They were acting ‘jittery’ and they were laughing about it,” the witness said.

The witness did not see what happened but heard about it afterward from both Erevia and Madrid, according to the warrant.

A portion of the warrant said: “He said Peanut Butter said, ‘I bet he don’t walk up to a car like that again.’ Fabian advised he was driving and pulled up. He (Steven Johnson) walked up to the driver side door. Peanut Butter reached over to the back of Fabian and he scoots up. Peanut Butter from the passenger seat ‘just boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, let off some shots’ (fired the gun).”

It also said: “[The witness] said they called him over to the car to act like they were going to score some dope. When he got close enough to the car they were like, ‘Give me the dope mother f****r.’ The guy seen the gun and he turned around to get away from them. That’s when this guy started firing.”

Erevia and Madrid remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center as of Wednesday. Bonds were set at $150,000 for each.

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