LUBBOCK, Texas – Garrett Day, the owner of Day2Day Designs and his partner, Jeremy Smith are the artists behind the newest Lubbock Chilton mural between Juxtaposh and Eclectic Finds on Buddy Holly Avenue.

Day said he has been painting for about seven years. He decided to start his business during COVID-19 when he was able to dedicate more time to it. That’s when it really took off, he said. Day does different types of artwork from hand lettering and signage to hand-painted corn hole boards and more recently, murals.

Day and his partner make artwork together. Smith does most of the labor work, wood work and graphic design, while Day does the lettering and painting.

Juxtaposh carries some of Day’s Lubbock themed paintings, so the owner reached out to him to paint a mural on the side of the store. The owner came up with the phrase and Day came up with the design. He said the owner was most excited about the lemons and the fun colors. Day said the mural “changes the whole area completely.”

Day said he and his partner spent a total of 30 to 40 hours on the mural. He said they worked in between the hot weather and rain showers.

Day started art lessons when he was in the fourth grade. His focus slowly transitioned into calligraphy and lettering and then painting, he said. Day said his art today has “transitioned into something [he] never would’ve imagined.”

The feedback from the mural has been “very positive” he said. Day has “done a lot of murals, but having a downtown mural is very important.” He wanted to “make it perfect.” He added, having a mural downtown is a “thill.”