Newborn baby left at Lubbock fire station


LUBBOCK, Texas — Court records filed on Wednesday said a newborn baby girl was left at a Lubbock fire station. learned the baby was left Tuesday morning at Station 14, near 98th Street and University Avenue, at about 7:30 a.m.

The umbilical cord was still attached and the woman, possibly the mother, told staff at the fire station that the baby was born that same morning and she “could not handle it anymore.”

Lubbock Fire Chief, Steve Holland said this is not the first time this has happened.

“It is a shock when somebody brings an infant and says ‘here you go, I can’t take care of it,'” Holland said.

“[The] Lubbock Police Officer stated no identifying information was given or taken from the woman,” court records said. The child was not injured and there was no evidence of drugs in the baby’s urine test.

The baby was taken to University Medical Center and was doing well, court records said. On Wednesday, a judge gave Children’s Protective Service permission to take emergency custody of the little girl.

Texas has a Baby Moses Law which allows someone to drop off a child who is less than 60 days old and unharmed.

“The Safe Haven law does give parents the opportunity if they just didn’t feel they could take care of a child,” Holland said.

“You may take your baby to any hospital, fire station, or emergency medical services (EMS) station in Texas,” the Texas DPS website said. “You need to give your baby to an employee who works at one of these safe places and tell this person that you want to leave your baby at a Safe Haven.”

According to a police report, no one that lived with her knew that she was pregnant and she wanted it to stay that way.

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The following is a portion of the court record. edited out the names of persons mentioned in the record.

On December 10, 2019, Worker Sxxxxx Mxxxxx arrived at University Medical Center. Lubbock Police Officer Hxxxxx, stated a woman arrived at the Lubbock Fire Department at approximately 7:30 am and dropped off a baby girl.

Lubbock Police Officer Hxxxxx stated Baby Girl Doe was observed to be purple and pinkish color. Lubbock Police Officer Hxxxxx stated the placenta was still attached with the umbilical cord. Lubbock Police Officer Hxxxxx stated the woman told the staff Baby Girl Doe was born early this morning on 12.10.2019, and she just could not handle it anymore. Lubbock Police Officer Hxxxxx stated the woman left after the Fire Department took the child.

[The] Lubbock Police Officer stated no identifying information was given or taken from the woman. Lubbock Police Officer Hxxxxx stated Baby Girl Doe does not have any bruises or scratches.

Nurse Cxxxxx stated the baby is 8 pound 4 ounces and 20 3/4 inches long. Nurse Cxxxxx stated the nursery is running test on Baby Girl Doe to ensure the health. Nurse Cxxxxx stated Baby Girl Doe is taking a bottle well. Nurse Cxxxxx stated the baby Baby Girl Doe was negative on urine drug test.

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