LUBBOCK, Texas — Sonic Drive-In is no stranger to the effects of inflation. Dealing with the increase in cost of supplies, they’ve been working to keep up with the changes. 

“I was talking to the President of our company, she said at the end of September that inflation for us was up 16% the first eight months of the year,” said Rodney Warren, South Plains Franchisee owner. 

Sonic has added a surcharge to help combat those increases.

“We’re not able to raise our prices at this time and the only way we could try to offset food cost was a surcharge,” said Warren. 

A surcharge of 2% was added on orders to combat the cost of supplies as their profits were off by 45% in the month of October.  

“It’s the worst showing I’ve had since 1980. Inflation is hidden everywhere, and prices are [going to] go up and up and up and when it stops, the old saying is, ‘who knows’, if you stay, if you survive. Your income has to exceed your outgo otherwise you go out of business and that’s what we’re trying to do, we’re just trying to keep our costs down,” said Warren. 

You can find the “facilities adjustment” fee on the receipt, or you can read about it when ordering at sonic locations across Lubbock. 

“Nobody likes price increases, but we have no control over it. The employees and I do not control inflation. We’re just reacting and responding to it so please don’t take it out on the car hops. I’ve had car hops that are cussed at and had things thrown at them, it’s not their fault,” said Warren.

A new menu based on inflation costs is set to roll out by December as they try to navigate the economy and stay in business.