LUBBOCK, Texas — After the Big 12 Conference fined Texas Tech $50,000 for storming the football field after Saturday’s victory against The University of Texas, students said it’s going to take a lot more than a fine to keep them from a good time.

“I’d do it every time, hands down,” one Texas Tech freshman said. “We have a known reputation of being one of the worst fanbases. I’ll be honest, it’s not going to stop us.”

“Nothing’s going to stop us, unfortunately. We’re just those fans,” another student said.

Texas Tech Athletics said in a statement Monday they condemn unsportsmanlike behavior and will “continue to discuss opportunities to strengthen all operations.” It is still unclear whether students will be allowed to enter the field in the future.

“If you feel like you’ve got to come down to the field, celebrate. Do it to celebrate with your team and not to try to interact with the opposing team. That’s not what this is about, it’s about celebrating a big win,” Associate Athletics Director Robert Giovannetti said.

Texas Tech Police are still searching for a student who pushed a University of Texas student-athlete from behind as the team was still exiting the field on Saturday. Texas Tech has called that action “unacceptable,” and they ask anyone who may know of the fan, shown shoving the player on video, to contact university police.

Students say that action was out of line and that fan should be punished, but it should not prevent others from celebrating with their team on the field after every win in Jones-AT&T Stadium.

“A lot of shade gets thrown after one dude pushes a player. Rightfully so, he shouldn’t have done that. But there’s so much love and so much connection on that field. I’m hugging random people I don’t even know, I’m hugging football players out there. It’s great to share that moment,” one student who was on the field on Saturday said.

I sat right behind the goalpost and was ready. As soon as that kick went between the uprights, everyone took off. It was beautiful. It was exhilarating just being able to be with the players, it was so fun. I’d do it every time, hands down,” another student said. “Why take that away from us? I feel like that’s what makes a Tech football game a Tech football game.”

That student predicts more fines in the future, agreeing that this $50,000 fine was “getting off cheap.”

“If we win every home game, that will probably be the least amount of money we’re paying this year.”