LUBBOCK, Texas– Omega Flex on Tuesday filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit against the City of Lubbock for the ordinance issues involving CSST.

CSST is a form of flexible pipe used for natural gas and is sometimes used in homes. Omega Flex, based out of Exton, Pennsylvania, makes CSST.

RELATED STORY: Lubbock considers rescinding CSST ban due to new state law reported in June that the company sued the city, stating in the lawsuit that Lubbock’s ordinance was not based on any industry standard and was not reviewed by industry experts.

According to court records, the city “has formally repealed the ordinances at issue,” which is why Omega Flex asks the court to dismiss the lawsuit.

The City issued a moratorium against the use of “yellow jacket” CSST following the death of Brennan Teel back in August 2012. Teel was visiting friends in Lubbock when lightning struck a home in South Lubbock, according to officials.