LUBBOCK, Texas–One Voice, a therapeutic outpatient and residential program for survivors of sex trafficking, hosted its annual ‘Experience Freedom’ event on Thursday night at Sophia’s Place. 

The fundraiser was an opportunity for guests to experience how One Voice does healing. 

“In our program, we truly believe that healing doesn’t just happen through talk therapy,” said Dacia Hamby, creative director for One Voice. “To us, they have a lot of adrenaline there, how they live their lives and so we want to teach you how to do that in a healthy way.”

The event featured Ax throwing, succulent planting, and real tattoos.

The essence of the evening revolves around fun, engagement, and wholeheartedly supporting survivors in their unique paths to healing. 

One Voice said in a release, its hope and sole purpose was to provide a Haven for survivors of sex trafficking, ages 12-18 and 18-25, to begin their unique journey of healing. 

100% of Experience Freedom`s proceeds will benefit the survivors that One Voice serves. 

With multiple sponsors and donors, Hamby said this was a successful year for the event.

“We’ve had people give in-kind to people who have given gift cards, and often we have been blown away by the love of community, and we are so incredibly thankful for every single person that has given to us,” Hamby said.

One of the activities that was a huge hit was the free tattoos available. Matt Martinez is a tattoo hobbyist who was completely booked up for the evening.

“Some people are wanting to get scars covered up or wanting to get their first tattoo as a meaningful thing and so I’m just here to offer that service,” Martinez said. 

Martinez said his favorite part of the night was hearing people’s stories and being a part of their healing journey.

“It’s just been cool getting to talk to everyone and getting to hear their stories… give them something to remember, a positive memory for something that might have been traumatic or give them a positive memory to move forward,” Martinez said.

If you’d like to donate or if you or someone you know is in need of these resources, you can visit the One Voice website here.