One’s On The Way: Adjusting to Life with a Newborn

KAMC Anchor Lauren Matter is less than 2 weeks out from meeting her new baby!
Unfortunately, newborns don’t come with instruction manuals.
But that doesn’t mean new parents need to stress about bringing baby home but they should get ready for a big adjustment.
Health officials say keeping your baby safe and healthy is easier than you think.
Just remember the basics.
Breast feeding is preferable, but bottle feeding is just as good.
“If you can breastfeed try to breastfeed,” says Pediatrician Dr. Vivian Lennon. “Your breast milk passes on a lot of valuable antibodies and immunity to your baby, and is a valuable way to protect them.”
And of course babies cry but how much depends on the baby.
“There are many ways to soothe a crying baby,” Dr. Lennon says. “You can carry them, you can walk around with them, sometimes you can put them in their bouncy seat. If you have a baby that is crying and cannot be soothed it is okay to take a break.”
Overall, when it comes to your baby’s health, doctors says there are a few basic things to look out for.
If your baby develops a fever, that’s a temperature higher than 100.4, you need to call your pediatrician,” Dr. Lennon explains. “If your baby is having trouble breathing, if they’re not eating, if they’re not urinating, call the doctor.”
Doctors also say it takes a good 2-3 months to adjust to bringing a newborn home.

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