LUBBOCK, Texas- The Zoning Board of Adjustment decided with a four to one vote on Thursday morning that Oliver Stinson, a man who has been trying to start a firearms business from his South Lubbock home, has been approved for a Commercial Zoning Permit, after two of his neighbors adamantly opposed.

A few dozen people attended the meeting held at Citizens Tower around 8:30 AM.

One of Stinson’s neighbors spoke in opposition at the hearing.

“I do not feel confident in Mr. Stinson’s ability to present to you today and to our neighborhood what he’s going to do,” the woman said. “I firmly and on behalf of several others that have established this neighborhood and made it what it is- a very strong neighborhood, which has high resale value- do not have the options to move away.”

Stinson responded, “They said they’ve worked to make the neighborhood great. I feel like I’ve done the same. I’ve been in my neighborhood just as long as they have. I pay my taxes, upkeep my yard, make sure my house is presentable…”

In addition to Stinson, one other individual spoke in support.

“If I could have Mr. Stinson next door to me, I would welcome it,” the man told the panel.

Moments later, the panel approved Stinson for his permit.

“[I’m] feeling pretty ecstatic. I feel like my hard work and perseverance paid off. I could’ve got discouraged and gave up, but I knew what I was doing was right,” Stinson told KLBK News.

After a months-long process, Stinson’s next step is to get his Federal Firearms License with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

“A lot of the people in the neighborhood are excited to have [the] business. At least six different individuals, stopped me taking out the trash that [said they] can’t wait for it to become a part of the neighborhood so they can send their business locally versus having to go to a big box store,” Stinson shared.

Nearly a dozen individuals left the meeting room and offered Stinson congratulatory remarks, saying they wanted to give him their business soon. Stinson said he hopes to start transferring firearms from his home in May.