LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock Police arrested Jacob Pereida, 22, of Lubbock on Monday afternoon for possession of a prohibited weapon. An officer pulled over Pereida in the 1000 block of North Indiana in a traffic stop.

“I observed [Pereida] to be extremely nervous,” the police report said. “[Pereida] was shaking uncontrollably.”

The officer asked why the vehicle smelled like marijuana. Pereida and his passenger told the officer that they had smoked recently. An officer searched the vehicle and found a handgun along with sawed-off shotgun.

“The listed shotgun was sawed off at the barrel and stock. The length of the barrel was about 15 inches and the overall length of the shotgun is about 27 inches.”

Pereida made local news back in 2015 when he was one of four suspects indicted for a shootout inside Fred’s Gun Emporium in the 3000 block of Slide Road. Nine firearms were stolen, and an employee suffered a gunshot wound to the ankle in the robbery of Fred’s Gun Emporium according to federal court records.

Pereida later pleaded guilty to a federal charge of possessing a stolen firearm. He was sentenced to 12 months in prison (concurrent with another criminal case) plus two years of supervised released in the 2015 case.

In 2017 he was found to have violated supervised release for possessing and using cocaine, and he was ordered to serve 12 more months.

In the new case, Pereida was able to post bond to get out of jail on Monday evening.