LUBBOCK, Texas – Teachers in the Plains Independent School District participated in the Orange Frog program on Tuesday. The training was focused on helping teachers and students incorporate joy back into the classroom during a pivotal time in education. 

“Teachers are kind of falling out of love with teaching, and we’re trying to teach ourselves to see the positive and what we’re doing the positive in our profession,” said Plains ISD teacher Lexi Bell. 

It starts with teachers learning how to find the silver lining in challenging situations, and applying that positivity in the classroom. 

“So much about the training that teachers go through is only about the kids. It’s only about, ‘How do we teach better?’” said Eric Karpinski, an Orange Frog Trainer. “But what’s great about this one is it gets both, it helps teachers and staff and all the people working in the school district the tools to help with their personal lives, and tools to help each other and tools to help the students.” 

This unique training is especially crucial amidst teacher shortages and anxiety around recent school shootings in the state.  The training prioritizes a teacher’s mental health by granting them tools to help their mindset during challenging situations, hoping that it will then pass down to students and families.

“It’s something simple, we don’t want to add to a teacher’s stress level,” said Bell. “We’re trying to come up with easy, quick ways to just spread joy.”

The Orange Frog program gives teachers the tools to help them keep positivity at the forefront, and prioritize mental health wellness as they go into a new school year.

 “I’m going to do my very best to see the good things in my students to see the good things in what’s going on,” said Bell. “Is it perfect? No. But I now can go in with a fresh mindset that I don’t have to be perfect.” 

Plains ISD will also move forward with safety training within the next few days.

You can find more information about the Orange Frog training here