Plainview ISD authorizes mask mandate if COVID cases go high enough


PLAINVIEW, Texas – The Plainview ISD published a memo on Facebook Wednesday evening that was dated August 30. It said face masks will be required if certain things happen.

The masks are not automatically required but instead the superintendent has the authority to require them at any given campus if “6% to 8% of students or permanent personnel acquire COVID-19.”

The memo also said the superintendent can temporarily close a school campus or even the entire school district. The following is the text of the memo.

August 30, 2021
COVID-19 Intervention Plan

Due to our recent increase in COVID-19 numbers in our community and our schools, the following intervention plan has been established. This plan will function in concert with voluntary mask usage by students, teachers, staff, and administrators in Plainview ISD. Should COVID-19 infection rates meet set criteria, masks will not remain as optional; rather, they will be required by all students, teachers, staff, and students on a campus/facility that meets or surpasses the set criteria:

  1. Should 6% to 8% of students or permanent personnel acquire COVID-19, masks shall become an option the superintendent of schools can mandate for a given campus or facility.
  2. The superintendent shall set the initial COVID-19 response mask period for 10 school days.
  3. Should the percentage of students and permanent personnel drop between 2% and 3%, the superintendent may lift the mask mandate at the conclusion of the 10-school day period.
  4. Should the percentage of students and permanent personnel stay above 3.1%, the superintendent may extend the mask mandate for one additional 5-day period.
  5. At the conclusion of 15 school days, the superintendent may conclude the mask mandate if the percentage falls below 3%.
  6. In the case that it does not, the superintendent may close the campus for 5 days for students with all non-COVID-19 positive staff, teachers, and administrators present on campus during the 5-day period to prepare for the return of students.
  7. During this 5-day period, no virtual or online instruction will occur since not every student in Plainview ISD has full access to virtual instruction.
  8. From a functional perspective, should an individual campus need to close for 5 days, Plainview ISD will apply for a low attendance waiver. Should one not be granted, Plainview ISD will assume the financial loss. For the purpose of safety, this is an acceptable penalty.
  9. Should more than 1/3 of the student enrollment in the district be affected by campus closures at any point in time, the superintendent may suspend classes for the entire district for 5 days. The district may use fall break, bad weather days, or other days in conjunction with extending the school year or school day to make up the time.
  10. Should a month of the above-mentioned interventions not decrease the percentage of COVID-19 infections on a given campus, further guidance will be sought in conjunction with city, county, and medical leadership. All subsequent actions shall be presented to the Plainview ISD Board of Trustees for input and approval.

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