Plumbers see rise in calls following winter weather


LUBBOCK, Texas — On Friday, Shawn Thomas, service manager for Mr. Rooter Plumbing, said he saw their busiest day yet, following the winter storm that met Lubbock with several days of below freezing temperatures.

“People that have frozen pipes don’t really know that they’re broken pipes yet,” Thomas said.

He said the increase in calls are mostly due to people with frozen pipes.

“My philosophy is if you’ve got frozen pipes you’re just almost gonna have to grin and bear it for the time,” Thomas said.

When they finally thaw, he suggests walking through your home to look for any leaks or water.

“Check the toilet tanks, make sure they’re not cracked,” Thomas said. “Check for water around the edges of walls. Look under the house and make sure that you don’t have any standing water, especially hot water. A lot of times if you live in a pier and beam house, a lot of times the hot water — it produces steam 3 and if that gets in your floorboards, then that can cause a lot more problems than just a water leak itself.”

He understands what it’s like to have problems, Thomas has been without water for five days himself.

“Just by luck, I guess. You know I did everything right and it just so happened that it didn’t turn out for me,” Thomas said.

He is expecting an even busier weekend as pipes continue to thaw. For this reason, he asks for folks to have patience as they prioritize different calls.

“You want to get to everything efficiently, everything as fast as you can because people obviously need their necessities,” Thomas said.

A necessity he knows he won’t be taking advantage of again.

“I think after five days of it I was like — alright we need some sunshine,” Thomas said.

Thomas said they are currently working 24 hour shifts in order to get to all customers.

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