LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock Police said on Friday that Christopher Mendez, 45, died after a shooting incident which happened on September 21.

Police were called that afternoon to the Indiana Village Apartments in the 700 block of North Indiana Avenue. Officers were told by a witness that Mendez held a metal pole with “the intent” of assaulting Arthur Pinion. She said Mendez was running toward Pinion from between two buildings.

Mendez was shouting at Pinion, but the witness could not figure out what was said. The witness told Pinion to get into a vehicle. According to the police report, Mendez put his upper half of his body into the vehicle still holding the metal pole.

Pinion got out and ran. Mendez, still holding the pole, ran after him, according to the police report. That’s when the witness heard gunshots.

The witness was described in the police report as having a dating relationship with Pinion and a former dating relationship with Mendez.

Police found Mendez with multiple gunshot wounds at a residence within walking distance near the apartments. He was taken to University Medical Center.

Police took possession of the metal pole, which was described as roughly the size of a baseball bat. Charges were not filed at the time “due to being admitted into the hospital due to his injuries.”

Pinion also left the scene before officers arrived.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story used the words pole and pipe interchangeably. However, the police report said pole. The story was corrected.

The following is press release from Lubbock Police:

Metro Unit Investigating After Death in September Aggravated Assault

(LUBBOCK, TX) – The Metropolitan Special Crimes Unit is investigating a September aggravated assault that turned deadly following the Oct. 8 death of a subject involved in the case.

On September 21, 43-year-old Arthur Pinion was standing outside near a vehicle when 45-year-old Christopher Mendez was running from in between two buildings within the apartment complex with a metal pole toward Pinion and the other individual with him. Pinion fled and Mendez followed him. Pinion then shot Mendez.

The Metro Unit investigation is ongoing.