LUBBOCK, Texas — A police report, made available on Friday morning, provided new details on a deadly shooting outside Orlando’s, 6951 Indiana Avenue. The shooting was shortly after noon on Thursday, and took the life of Haven Trevino, 19, according to Lubbock Police.

Police released a statement on Thursday saying. “LPD dispatch received an additional call for service regarding a suicidal male at 102 N. Avenue P.” That location is the St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.

“The caller also indicated the male had killed his girlfriend. Officers responded and located 20-year-old Isaiah Mesa with a self-inflicted life-threatening gunshot wound,” police said on Thursday.

Image of Isaiah Trey Mesa from Lubbock Co. court records 2019 arrest

The police report summarized the first shooting, saying:

“[The shooter] approached [the victim] as she sat in her vehicle, preparing to go to work. [The shooter] fired several rounds at [the victim] at close. range, through her vehicle, intentionally causing the death of [the victim]. [The shooter] then fled the scene.”

The police report quoted two witnesses. The first one was trying to pull out of the parking lot of Orlando’s when the shooting happened.

“She observed [the shooter] to fire approximately 5 rounds into [the victim’s] vehicle,” the police report said of the first witness.

“[The shooter] then waved [her] out of the parking lot, motioning for her to go ahead and pull out,” the police report said. “She went ahead and pulled out in fear she would be shot too if she did not.”

The first witness then pulled over to call for help.

The police report also said:

“[The second witness] advised that [the shooter] approached [the victim’s] Dodge Charger and pulled out a handgun as he got close to the driver’s side of the vehicle. [The second witness] advised that [the shooter] fired 4-5 rounds into the driver’s side of [the victim’s] vehicle and then got back into his vehicle, fleeing north bound in the 6900 block of Indiana Avenue.”

Trevino was taken to University Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.

Mesa remained at University Medical Center on Friday.

The two had a relationship, according to the police report. Public statements from the family indicated the two had broken up. Trevino leaves behind a young son.

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