LUBBOCK, Texas — A police report provided new information on a shooting at the Hilltop Apartments, 2100 East 4th Street, Monday night.

Prior to the release of the report, police said two people were injured – one with serious injuries and the other with moderate injuries.

The police report said there was an argument between the father and mother of a child.

“[The mom] continued to get upset and yelled to [the child’s paternal grandmother] something to the effect of, ‘better get your son because my brothers are coming.’”

Three people showed up, and it’s not clear from the report if those were the brothers. The argument became a physical fight. During the fight, witnesses heard gunshots.

Witnesses then saw the victim crawling away from the fight with “blood everywhere.”

Family members applied pressure to the victim’s chest wound until EMS arrived.

The victim and one other person were taken to University Medical Center. Two people “fled the scene and were not located at this time,” the police report said.

Police provided an update (and confirmation that next of kin were all notified) at the request of, and the name of the victim was listed as Akkini Mcdade.