LUBBOCK, Texas — A police report made available on Wednesday provided new details on a shooting in Central Lubbock which happened Tuesday morning. There were two shootings related to each other, police said on Tuesday.

One incident was a shots-fired call in the 1500 block of 43rd Street. There were no reported injuries.

Another of the shootings happened in the 6500 block of Avenue T. A police report said three people forced their way into a residence. They just walked right in without permission, the police report said and one of them had a handgun.

A husband and wife were in the apartment, police said.

“[The husband] stated they began fighting and struggling over the gun,” the police report said. “[The husband] advised he did not know how many times the gun was fired.”

When police arrived, they found the husband had a gunshot wound to the leg. It was wrapped in a towel. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment. On Tuesday, police indicated the injury was serious but not life threatening.

During the struggle over the gun, the wife grabbed a machete to protect herself and her husband. She hit one of the suspects with the machete.

“[The wife] stated she did not think she cut him but hit him several times on his back with it,” the police report said.

The three suspects — later identified as Sharif Hakim, 19, of Snellville, Georgia; Shuaib Hakim, 23, of Irving; and Rafiq Abubakr, 19, of Desoto – then ran out.

Police on Tuesday said, “The suspects fled the scene and subsequently dropped off the one suspect at the hospital.” More specifically, they dropped off Shuaib Hakim at Grace Medical Clinic.

“The victims believe the suspect may have accidently shot himself during the incident,” the police report said. His injuries were also described as serious but not life threatening.

Police found Abubakr and Sharif Hakim a short time later at a grocery store at 50th and Avenue Q. They were arrested and charged with burglary and organized crime. Shuaib Hakim was booked into the Lubbock County Detention Center on Wednesday after getting medical treatment. His charges were not yet listed.

All three remained in the detention center Wednesday afternoon.

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