LUBBOCK, Texas — Andres Criado, 34, of Lubbock was arrested last week and charged with a violent kidnapping. A grand jury indicted him on Tuesday.

A police report said Criado had been in a relationship with the victim. Just after midnight on Christmas morning, he found her at a bar in the 3500 block of 34th Street. She was with another man at the bar, according to a police report.

She asked the other man to leave so that maybe she could convince Criado to calm down. The other man left.

Later, in the parking lot he “grabbed her by her hair with his right hand and began striking her with a closed left fist repeatedly,” the police report said.

The police report said he picked her up and threw her into the passenger side of a car. When she tried to get out, “He grabbed her by her hair and began punching her and slamming her around the vehicle.”

At one point while he was driving, she was able to escape. He chased her down, according to the police report, and viciously attacked her again. He put her back in the car and told her, “I’m f***ing you tonight whether you like it or not, like all them other n****s.”

During this violent episode she was able to dial 911 on her phone without being noticed. She left the line open for a 911 dispatcher to hear and document the sound of violence.

Even before police found her, she was able to escape again and knock on someone’s door for help.

When police found her, she was covered in blood, dried blood, and bruises.

“[The suspect] intentionally abducted [the victim] with the intent to inflict bodily injury on her – which he accomplished – and the intent to abuse her sexually as demonstrated by his own quoted words,” the police report said.

Criado was held Tuesday in the Lubbock County Detention Center on a bond of $100,000 for kidnapping, $5,000 for DWI and $1,500 for fleeing a police officer.

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