Porch pirates targeting homes more as holidays approach


LUBBOCK, Texas — Porch pirates come out to steal packages from porches as the holidays are nearing.

Porch Pirates are thieves who steal packages from people’s porches. 

Kasie Davis, a public information officer with the Lubbock Police department, said during the holidays, they see an influx in thefts. 

“As you can imagine, people are purchasing gifts during the holiday season. So, beginning about Black Friday and a little bit before, up through the new year’s holiday, you have the purchase of gifts, the return of gifts, things of that nature, and most people buy things online these days.

“So, whether that’s Amazon, the Postal Service, FedEx, UPS, whatever it may be, most of those packages are coming through a service of that nature. And so, of course, those packages are left on the porch,” Davis said. 

Davis said when victims of stolen packages would report to the authorities via phone calls and Facebook messages. 

“We take that report just like any other report. So, if an officer is requested to come out and write a report, they will write that report, and then that report will be filed. A detective will be assigned to that case, contact the individual. Of course, you know, we again, tracking information that’s going to be one of the best ways to prevent a theft from taking place in the first place,” Davis said.

Davis shared tips to keep in mind when ordering a package:

  • Be aware of the transit process
  • Remove the package from your front door right away
  • Ask the delivery company to hold it at their location
  • Invest in a lockbox
  • Get to know your neighbor(s)
  • Install cameras 
  • Be on the lookout

Investing in cameras can potentially help detectives identify the suspect.

“You can see when those packages are delivered, also, should a package be stolen from your front porch. That video could then, in turn, help detectives who are assigned to that case to be able to identify the suspect. And should that property be discovered someplace else or that suspect? be apprehended for something else? They can then work that case accordingly,” Davis said. 

Davis spoke for the police department by saying the last thing they [Lubbock Police Department] want is for gifts to be taken during the holidays.

“Just being on the lookout trying to be as proactive as possible keeping track of those packages, finding a way to get those packages off the porch as quickly as possible. No one enjoys that,” Davis said. 

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