“When you give them a second chance, this way there not going to be having litter after litter after litter just over populating.

Pet adoption not only stops that vicious cycle, but Kia Riemath with Lubbock Animal Services says the adopt fee covers everything.

“It includes getting the animal getting its rabies vaccinations up to date, city license to go with it and a microchip, it will be spayed or neutered for the whole big price of $60.”

During KLBK’s Save A Pet Adopt-a-thon that price will be cut in half.

“All they need to do is come down here look through the inventory that we have in the adoption sections, go to the front and tell them they’d like to fill out an application for that animal.”

Riemath says a few things need to be checked out before making the perfect match.

“They do check if its a rental or an owened property,” she said, “If its a rental they contact the property manager see if there is a problem with them having an animal there. If there is, unfortunately, we will not be able to let them adopt. If there’s not a problem, they do check to see if it does have a fenced in area to make sure to keep it secure and safe.”

She says they try to keep the adoption process simple.

“You come out, find the animal, fill out the application and we make the match, as simple as that,” said Riemath.

On average there could be more than 350 animals at the shelter, Riemath says they’d love to see that number down or even eliminated.

“When we get to see an animal walk out, whether its one being reclaimed or newly adopted one, it makes us feel good. That’s what we want to see, that’s what we are here for,” she said.

“If we could empty this entire shelter in that form we’d love to be put out of business.”