LUBBOCK, Texas — The Lubbock City Council on Tuesday will vote to take over responsibility for Slide Road south of Loop 289 to FM 1585 and 82nd Street west of Slide Road to the western edge of city limits. Both roadways are currently under TxDOT for repairs and maintenance.

The agreement under TxDOT’s Urban Street Turnback Program does not provide Lubbock with any money from TxDOT.

Past agreements statewide under the Turnback Program (including Lubbock in 2014) provided money from TxDOT to ease the burden on cities taking over maintenance of roadway.

The city said on Monday, “TxDOT is completing a previously planned maintenance project on Slide Road. However, the City will be taking Slide Road without any further financial obligations from TxDOT.”

“It is in the best interest of the City of Lubbock to request that the State of Texas turn over the ownership, control and maintenance jurisdiction of this roadway, from South Loop 289 to FM 1585/130th Street, to the City of Lubbock,” public records said.

A similar statement was made in public records concerning 82nd Street west of Slide Road.

The Lubbock City Council considers the proposal on Tuesday.