LUBBOCK, Texas — The owners of Raider Park Garage, an 11-story parking garage at 2522 Marsha Sharp Freeway, sued the City of Lubbock last week for $1 million or more. The current owner is MVP Raider Park Garage LLC

The lawsuit said, “In 2012, the previous owners of Raider Park sought a variance from the City of Lubbock’s sign ordinance … This variance would allow tenants within Raider Park to install signs that covered approximately thirty-five percent of the surface area on three sides of the parking garage.”

That variance was approved in October 2012 and came up for review in October 2019.

Under state law, the city needed to inform the owners of all the properties within 200 feet according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit said the city did not notify the current owners of Raider Park, but instead the city’s Zoning Board of Adjustment sent a notice to the previous owners.

The variance was then denied in an October 17 meeting. The current owners said in the lawsuit that the city denied due process and failed to meet state law.

The lawsuit said just the metal structure to hold the signs was more than $600,000. The lawsuit seeks more than $1 million in damages. The city has not yet filed its side of the story in court records.