AMARILLO, Texas — Bart Reagor, through his attorneys, filed a motion Thursday asking he be let out pending appeals. Reagor was convicted of making false statements to a bank in 2021 and reported to a federal prison in Oakdale, Louisiana, on May 9.

The appeal was submitted to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. It is one step above the U.S. District Court where Reagor was convicted.

Reagor’s earlier motion for release pending appeal was denied by the district court in late April. He argued in court documents that this denial “was an abuse of discretion.”

Reagor said this was because there was a “substantial question” or close issue that could be ruled in his favor.

Specifically, Reagor argued in court documents that evidence for his state of mind were “shaky at best.” He also said he did not knowingly make a false statement because he was not aware that giving himself part of a business loan was not allowed.

“Reagor should be allowed to remain free on bond pending a determination of this close, substantial question on appeal, before he serves any more of his 168-month sentence,” court documents said.

As of Friday afternoon, the prosecution had not yet filed a brief in the appeals case.