Reagor wants a jury trial for civil suit against Ford Motor Credit Company, trial set for Oct. 7

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Bart Reagor and Rick Dykes (Nexstar/Staff)

After civil court was postponed for Bart Reagor and Ford Motor Credit Company (FMCC) earlier this month, court records now show he is demanding a trial by jury that is set for 9:00 a.m., October 7.

Reagor objects to the amount of money he owes to FMCC, and claimed Ford did not “provide sufficient information to determine the accuracy” of its claims, according to court records.

Furthermore, Reagor “provided undisputed summary judgment proof that $10,359,368 was paid/or credited to FMCC by the Reagor-Dykes dealerships in bankruptcy between August 1, 2018 and January 31, 2019.”

Moreover, due to the “vagueness ” of the FMCC’s proposed judgment, Reagor is unable to see if the $10.3 million has been included in FMCC’s calculation, court records state.

Reagor-Dykes dealerships also claimed in bankruptcy court that FMCC was “paid and/or credited $49,224,443.35 between February 1, 2019 through February 28, 2019.”

Reagor stated that he was unable to discern whether the amount was included in FMCC’s calculation or whether it “corresponds with FMCC’s reports.”

Court records also stated that FMCC sued Rick Dykes and settled out-of-court for $58,712,000.”

Reagor stated through his attorney in court records that he had no information on how much money FMCC collected from Dykes.

Reagor claimed he is “entitled to know the amount of ‘other monies received through the litigation’ obtained by FMCC, and is entitled to a dollar-for-dollar settlement credit.”

Among other objections by Reagor, he stated that FMCC is not entitled to expenses, attorneys’ fees and legal costs that are “unreasonable.”

Court records stated that FMCC failed to provide sufficient evidence to show its costs are recoverable. He claimed FMCC failed to segregate fees and costs associated bankruptcy matters and its legal actions against Rick Dykes.

Last but not least, Reagor stated that FMCC’s request for $1.4+ million in fees was both inflated and far from “reasonable”.

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