LUBBOCK, Texas– No suspects were located after a police report said multiple shots were fired into a Central Lubbock home.

At approximately 5:00 a.m. Tuesday, officers responded to the 1900 block of 45th Street in reference to shots fired, according to the report.

According to one of the victims, she told police she was asleep in her bedroom on the east side of the home when she heard a noise. She stood up out of bed and then heard gunshots. The report said the victim’s boyfriend grabbed her and took her to the floor to protect her from the bullets.

The other two victims were sitting in the living room when they heard the gunfire. Both victims told police they dropped to the floor and stayed there until the gunfire stopped, the report said.

The first two victims were able to run outside in time to see a vehicle driving northbound in the 4400 block of Avenue S, police said.

Police reported multiple bullet holes in the front living room window, the front door and the garage door. According to the police report, there was property damage in the garage and kitchen.

According to the report, the neighbor’s home next door was also struck.

No injuries were reported, and police said there were no suspects located.