LUBBOCK, Texas — A celebration was underway over at Covenant Children’s Hospital as one young man rang his cancer bell after two years of treatment.

Jacob Ibarra was diagnosed with lymphocytic leukemia in 2019. Rosemary Ibarra, Jacob’s mother, said Jacob’s treatments were difficult and different for him since he has down syndrome.

Ibarra said Jacob maintained a positive outlook throughout his treatments.

“He had a very hard time going through all that, and it was a little,” said Ibarra. “Even though he was in pain or or in the hospital or whatever, he was still a trooper. He still had a smile for everybody, a hug.”

Ibarra said throughout these few years of treatment, Jacob was able to graduate from Frenship High School.

“I’m so grateful that he got through it and that he is cancer free right now,” said Ibarra. “I mean, that is the biggest blessing ever, ever. And I just thank God because I knew that without him, we wouldn’t be standing here today

Annessa Lawson, a registered nurse at Covenant Children’s Hospital, consistently cared for Jacob throughout his chemo treatment and said she found Jacob had a love for fire trucks.

“He would always tell me, you know, incorporate fire trucks into his stories and talk about a long time ago whenever a fire truck came and he saw it,” Lawson said.

Lawson said in knowing the passion Jacob has for fire trucks, she contacted the Covenant Foundation and Lubbock Fire Rescue so Jacob could celebrate by seeing a fire truck up close.

“I’m just so thrilled and happy to celebrate Jacob,” said Lawson. “He’s just always been a bright, you know, shining joy in all of our lives and we always love when he comes into the clinic and he’s just his family and his mom and him.”