Seminole’s First United Methodist Church gave KLBK and an inside look on Tuesday after its 110th anniversary.

The first church building was built in 1906 near the current location at 304 SW Ave B. Church committee member Gail Hawkins said some of the stones from the original building can be found at the facility today as well as an original stone cottage.

A new structure was built in 1938 with a two-story education unit added. Hawkins said after two separate fires, a new facility was built. 

Hawkins has seen a few of the changes to the church. She said she was born and raised at First United.

“It’s a family,” Hawkins said. “Everyone pretty much knows everyone else. Hopefully we’re very welcoming, I hope so. We’re a huge prayer church. We have a big prayer chain and it’s not just for our church, it’s for every church in the whole community.”

Hawkins said other local churches join in the prayer chain every week. They also have out-of-state people involved too.

“I think it brings a commitment of community of togetherness of unity,” Hawkins said. “There’s a lot of churches, a lot of denominations in this town. But if you’re in need you can go to any church.”

She said most churches come together for holidays too, like Christmas and Easter.

“Anything that happens in the nation churches come together here,” Hawkins said. “Denominations don’t divide us.”
First United has a new pastor, Charlie Johnson. Hawkins said his goal has been to focus on the church youth.
“We’re anxious for new things to come about with him, new growth, new community,” Hawkins said. “I think he’s a wonderful fit for us. I think they did a wonderful job picking him for our church.”
She said most small towns, especially in Texas, are failing but Seminole is not. “We are definitely growing,” Hawkins said. “You don’t find very many towns that have active churches as we do in town.”
Hawkins said they’re looking to grow with more building renovations. Next on the list is to replace the roofing.