The Gaines County Riding Club gave KLBK and a preview of the arena before the 5th annual Seminole Rodeo Show on July 29 and 30.

The arena is owned by the City of Seminole, but it’s run by a non-profit organization of volunteers.

In charge of advertising, Brice Duncan said the committee has been preparing for the event for the past year. He said this year is their biggest celebration yet with a well-known band performance coming into town for the first time.

“This year we’re having Jody Nix, Kahuna Cowboys, we’ve got JB and the Moonshine Band,” Duncan said. “This really is going to be the biggest rodeo that ever happened in Seminole. We’re real excited about it.”

Duncan said this is an interactive event. It will have mechanical bull rides, food trucks, other live performances, and a dance party at the end of Saturday night.

Duncan said a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Make A Wish Foundation and scholarships for local students. 

Gaines County Riding Club Secretary Jay Jenkins said he choose to volunteer to support the community.

“So everyone can come out and have a good time you know the whole family can come and I do it for the scholarships and kids that normally wouldn’t get a scholarship,” Jenkins said.

The rodeo will start July 29, Friday night, and will continue through Saturday evening. General admission is $7 at the front gate.

Find more information about the event and organization on their Facebook page at “Gaines County Riding Club.”