WASHINGTON — KAMC’s Talking Points was featured in a clip posted on Twitter by Senator Ted Cruz and responded to by The White House on Wednesday.

On September 12, Cruz tweeted about the Ports to Plains highway that will run from Laredo to North Dakota and called it a “great bipartisan victory.” The tweet included a clip from Talking Points that aired on KAMC on Sunday.

“Senator Cruz voted against this,” the official White House account said.

Cruz did vote against the appropriations bill that included the I-27 designation for the Ports to Plains corridor, according to official voting records.

The clip from Cruz cuts off before he is asked why he voted against it, despite being in favor of the designation.

“That happens frequently in the United States Senate … I vote against the giant mess of a bill, but at the same time, enact the legislative victory that’s focused on jobs in the state of Texas,” Cruz said.

Use the video player above to watch the entire interview segment on the Ports to Plains corridor.

Within an hour of posting, the tweet from the White House had over 50,000 likes and over 13,000 retweets.