SHALLOWATER, Texas – Shallowater Independent School District is set to receive a $50 million bond, the superintendent told KLBK News on Monday.

The bond passed with 69% of votes on election day, said Dr. Anita Hebert, superintendent of Shallowater ISD.

“I can’t brag on this Shallowater community enough and for their support of kids in our school- and them being willing to pass a bond that would provide needs for years to come,” said Dr. Hebert.

Shallowater ISD said it saw a 4% growth over the last year and will continue to see growth over the next several years.

“So, that’s certainly one of the issues we wanted to address. We also are looking at safety needs and taking care of some of our aging facilities,” she said.

The bulk of the bond project will go toward the two oldest buildings in the district: Shallowater Middle School and Shallowater Elementary School.

“The teachers that live inside will have a voice,” Dr. Hebert explained, adding they will be meeting over the summer to fine-tune some details.

The district is working with an architecture company and will soon hire a construction company, but it’s not sure what exactly the execution process will look like, the superintendent said.

Each of the four schools in the district will be expanded, along with the athletics stadium.

One of those upgrades involves “replacing our turf that’s at the end of its life,” the administrator said. “But also our crowds have gotten so big, that we’re actually full in the stands. So, we’ll be adding some additional seating capacity for our fans.”

The track will also receive upgrades.

“I’m most excited about providing an environment that has up-to-date technology in the classroom for the teachers, but also that we are able to provide a world class experience right here in the small town of Shallowater,” Dr. Hebert added.

The district said it hopes to finish the project by the start of the 2024 school year.

To learn more about Shallowater ISD’s renovation plans, visit its website.