LUBBOCK, Texas–In March, Slaton ISD approved a new four-day workweek schedule for the 2023-2024 school year. A month in, not only are students and teachers enjoying four days of school, but the district is seeing positive feedback and positive results already. 

“We’ve seen attendance come up with our staff and our students,” said Superintendent Shelli Crow. “That’s been a big plus of implementing it to start with was our attendance issues and it has really, really helped in that area.”

Assistant superintendent for the district, Chris Carpenter said with the recent ongoing teacher shortage, allowing teachers and students an off day has been paying off across the board.

“It’s a day that gives you some wiggle room when we need that, and I think that’s been one of the biggest tools that we’re able to pull out of our toolbox that we didn’t have before,” Carpenter said. 

Justin Villegas said his family is happy with the schedule change, with having a son in pre-k and his wife as a teacher and coach. 

“Yesterday she was off and she was like Mondays are nice, I get all the laundry done, cooking all kinds of stuff,” Villegas said. 

Villegas said they were able to adjust but having family help out, but he knows others may not have it that easy.

“I think it works good, our parents can take care of them on the day that we’re not working, but I could see how for other people it could be a little harder,” Villegas said.

Crow told us about the hurdles the district could face making the switch, including childcare, and food for students relying on them. 

“We thought childcare was going to be a big thing and it hasn’t really been anything that we’ve had to deal with, parent schedules with their work was another one,” Crow said. 

Crow said there is a chance they can switch back to a 5-day school week if they notice a difference in academics or attendance among students.