Sniper Dent Company helps a young artist fix his hit and run car at no cost


LUBBOCK, Texas — Jordan Simmons is a young local artist who paints around the Hub City and has saved his money to buy a car of his own. Just past midnight on August 14, he was in a hit and run outside of Coronado High School. Jordan took his accident to social media and the community showed their support.

Chris Lemer of Sniper Dent Company was one of many who offered to help Jordan fix his car at no cost.

“I felt that it was my obligation to try and help him,” Lemer said. “West Texans helping west Texans.”

Jordan says he saw the driver going about 80mph right toward him and he just froze up.

“I looked right at them, and they swerved out of the way, hit my front bumper and kept going. I didn’t know whether to chase them or pull over, so I just decided to pull over and see the damage,” Simmons said.

As soon as the accident took place Simmons said that a good Samaritan stopped to check on him and said the hit and run car was going too fast to stop or get a license plate number.

“He called me screaming saying “mom somebody just hit my car” I asked if he was ok and he was just trying to catch his breath,” Natossiah Hudspeth, Jordans mother, said.

Jordan and his mother say they are thankful he is ok, and the community is showing all their support.

“After the wreck I didn’t know what to do and I knew it was going to be a lot of money. I was thankful Sniper Dent Company reached out and were kind enough to fix it,” Simmons said.

Sniper Dent Company said they didn’t do this for any publicity. They simply did it out of the kindness of their hearts and would do it again in a heartbeat.

You can follow Jordan’s Journey and see all the work Sniper Dent Company does for the Hub City.

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