LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock Police were called to the Reagor Dykes location at 1211 19th Street late Wednesday morning for a burglary.

A police report said someone broke into the business through a side door between Friday and Wednesday morning. The employee who reported the burglary told an officer that the only thing missing was a key machine.

The police officer found bolt cutters, a drill and a charger near the door that was kicked open. The officer also found a bank bag with $4,000 cash inside and a “green leafy substance” that appeared to be marijuana according to the police report.

The police report said, “[The employee] appeared to be upset with the amount of burglaries that has occurred at this property.”

Reagor Dykes filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in August 2018.

The narrative portion of the police report said:

Police radio call to 1211 19th ( Reagor-Dykes) reference to a burglary.

Emp1 is the tenant
Vab1 is Reagor-Dykes.

Emp1 advised S1 kicked open the side door and took the listed property without consent.

Upon my arrival I spoke to Emp1. Emp1 advised on 10/09/2019 at approximately 1100 hours he arrived at this property and observed the side door to be damaged. Emp1 advised he immediately notified the Police. I observed the door to be damaged and made entry while identifying myself..The business was cleared . I asked Emp1 was there anything missing. Emp1 advised the key machine. I asked Emp1 was there anything else. Emp1 advised no.

While gathering Emp1 information I noticed a drill and a charger on the floor where the door was kicked. I asked Emp1 if the drill his. Emp1 advised no and stated the bag on the floor does not belong to him either. I checked the Wells Fargo bag and located four thousand dollars inside along with a green leafy substance that appeared to be marijuana. Emp1 advised again the property was not his. I asked Emp1 when was the last time he was at the property. Emp1 stated he was not sure but he thinks sometime last week.

I took custody of the drill , drill Charger, Milwaukee bits, bolt cutters, Wells Fargo bag , the cash, and the marijuana. All contents were turned into the property room..

I attempted to dust the bolt cutters but was unsuccessful. Emp1 appeared to be upset with the amount of burglaries that has occurred at this property.

Dvr and Body camera utilized