LUBBOCK, Texas— The South Plains Food Bank stocked up Wednesday afternoon after nonprofit Breed Love donated nearly 70,000 servings of food for those facing food insecurity. Following issues like the pandemic and inflated prices on food, many have relied more and more on donations. 

Director of Communications at the SPFB, Morgan Baker, said donations like these mean the world to those in need. 

“As a nonprofit here, it can be kind of hard to source the food that we need to feed our families,” Baker said. “When we go through tough times, we know that we have folks like Breed Love here to rely on.”

Breed Love donated hundreds of cases of relief food including chili, rice and beans and taco dinner kits. Baker said the additional types of food will do so much for the thousands of people relying on them for their meals. 

“We’ve more than doubled, more than tripled over and over and over again [the number of] folks that we’re feeding, and it’s been tough at times, but it seems like we’ve always found a way.”

Breed Love CEO, Bill Miller said the company has not only made waves internationally, providing food relief for countries in crisis, but have also been working to support nonprofits in the hub city as well.

“We live in Lubbock, and we want to support Lubbock, and there’s no more effective humanitarian food relief outlet than South Plains Food Bank,” Miller said. “We want to feed more people in Lubbock. We do our best to make people aware of Breed Love.” 

Baker said he hopes donations like this can continue, especially after feeling the effects of COVID and economic issues over the past few years.

“In the last couple of years, we’ve faced… disaster after disaster after disaster,” Baker said. “…if you’re a family that is kind of on the edge of food insecurity, or in a lot of cases, folks who never dreamed that they would face food insecurity in their lives; a lot of those folks have been pushed over that edge right to our door and we’re here for them.”

If you or someone you know is facing food insecurity, visit the food banks website at