South Plains Native One of Three Finalists in Super Bowl Commercial Competition


For the last nine years, Doritos has offered their ‘Crash the Super Bowl’ commercial contest, and this year one of the three finalists is a Plainview native. Tyler Glodt directed and edited the commercial, called ‘Swipe for Doritos.’

“I’m always proud to be able to put something together, and people responded to it, which is definitely something that feels good,” says Glodt.

The commercial is a spin on the dating app world, which Glodt says is a fresh idea that people can relate to.

“We kind of played in that world. We have a guy who’s on a date and goes on a bunch of bad dates. He’s swiping through dates and he swipes left and right until he finds the perfect date,” Glodt says. “It was kind of poking fun at that. I felt it was relevant and felt a lot of people could probably relate to that brand of comedy.”

The competition is based on votes from the public. Many of his were from supporters back home in West Texas, especially his parents.

“I am one of his biggest fans,” says his mother, Barbara Glodt. “I’ve tried to vote every time. I have some really good friends here in Plainview who tell me ‘I voted today! I’ve also received a lot of phone calls and emails congratulating Tyler, so it’s been a fun ride.”

“He’s innovative, he networks well with people, and he never gives up. He’s very resilient,” says his father, Bob Glodt.

Bob and Barbara say his love for filmmaking started at a young age.

“Even in junior high, he and his friends would take the movie camera that we had and make little movies,” Barbara says. 

His parents also had an influence on his career choice. His mother is a retired school teacher who was always involved in theater.

“I would kind of watch her. She directed a lot of student plays and things like that, so I would watch the production and really enjoyed watching her do that and being around that. Plus, growing up in Texas, I loved going to the movies, so all those things kind of contributed to why I wanted to go do this,” Glodt says.

He went on to study radio, television, and film at the University of Texas at Austin before heading off to the big leagues in Hollywood. He first worked at a talent agency before realizing he wanted to transition into the creative side.

“I’d always kind of joke with him and say you should just go down the street and find one of these guys and have them give you a break, but it sure doesn’t work that way. It’s really tough…a very very tough market and my wife and I have been very proud of him,” says Bob.

Since arriving in Los Angeles 11 years ago, Glodt has built up his resume. He has done all kinds of work including feature films, short films, commercials, and even music videos. He’s also won some awards along the way.

“It’s hard to get started, but he’s made a lot of progress. I think if he’ll just stick with it, eventually he will be directing big movies,” says Bobs. “Sometimes Tyler says he would like to be a little bit farther along than he is, and I say to him that he needs to look and see where he started and count the number of years. It was not that many years ago when he started, but look where he is now. I say he’s met some pretty influential people, he’s making a living and some day that big break will occur. Maybe it’s this Doritos commercial, who knows,” he adds.

Glodt is currently helping to produce a feature in Austin and Waco. In terms of plans for the future, he is set to direct a feature film beginning early Summer. Glodt says he still has a lot of learning to do, but is just trying to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible. 

“This Doritos commercial and having the chance to do this was a great opportunity. I’m so blessed that it’s been well received and that it could potentially win, but if not, it was still a great experience to have been in the top three,” he says.

The winner will be announced on Super Bowl Sunday for the chance to win 1 million dollars, have their commercial air during the Super Bowl, and to work with the well-known Los Angeles filmmaker, Zack Snyder.

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