Albuquerque woman searches and reunites with teen who helped her after crashing her bicycle

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Albuquerque teen is being called a hero after he helped a woman who had fallen off her bike. She never got a chance to thank him, until today.

It was a typical afternoon when Lianne Walk decided to take a long bike ride around her Northeast Heights neighborhood, last week. “I’d been on a really long bike ride. It was a two-hour long bike ride. I live down the street. I was just 30 seconds away from home,” she says.

However, her ride came to an abrupt end. “My front tire just came flying off when I went there. I came flying off. The only thing to hit the ground was my face,” she says.

Luckily, Colin Riley was nearby. The high school senior was on his way home from school at Eldorado.

“I saw that she had busted herself up a little bit. I pulled over and took off my jacket, and wrapped it around her head,” he says.

In a lot of pain, Walk just wanted to know how severe her injuries were. “I was like, is it bad, like how bad is it? He’s like, oh my God. It’s like so bad. I’m like, oh my God! Don’t tell me that! He’s like, you’re right. It’s not that bad,” she says.

Walk’s mom eventually came to pick her up and the two went their separate ways, but Walk says she regretted not getting Riley’s name or contact information to give him a proper thank you. She posted a sign right next to where she crashed, hoping he would see it.

“I decided to put that up because I didn’t get any of his information. I didn’t get to thank him properly. I wanted to find him and thank him. You know, meet the person who stopped and helped me because obviously, it was a great person,” she says.

Today, she got that chance as KRQE News 13’s camera was there to capture the duo’s reunion.

Lianne: And you must be Colin?
Colin: Yup!
Lianne: I just want to thank you so much.
Colin: Nice to meet you.
Lianne: I’ll actually give you a hug, you deserve it. I just want to thank you so much. I appreciate it.
Colin: Just a good deed. I think most people would’ve done that.
Lianne: Yeah! I mean it definitely restores your faith in humanity.

Walk has not been back on her bike since the crash. She says she’s a bit scared, but will eventually get back on. She’s so thankful for Riley’s act of kindness, Walk is offering to take his entire family out to breakfast as a thank you.

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